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**Prices include four people, one vehicle, and one tent/RV per site.
**All prices include tax.

Pricing: FAQ
Image by Peter Vanosdall

Tent Site

$32.10/day; $171.76/week
holidays: $37.45/day
Tent sites are rented out on a first-come-first-served basis.

RV Hookup

Partial Hookup

(water; 30/20 amp electricity)

back-in: $40.66/day; $214/week

holidays: $42.80/day

pull-through: $45.00/day; $240/week

holidays: $50.00/day

Full hookup

(water; 50/30/20 amp electricity; sewer)

back-in: $48.15/day; $246.10/week

holidays: $53.50/day

pull-through: $52.00/day; $275/week

holidays: $60.00/day

Contact us for details on winter storage.


We take a $100 deposit for all cabins stays. This deposit will be returned to you as long as the cabin is not damaged.

With bathroom

$90.95/day; $460/week (two week limit)

holidays: $115/day
Without bathroom

$80.25/day; $428/week (two week limit)

holidays: $100/day

no kitchenette; no linens provided

Please contact us with any questions and we will help you in any way we can.

See additional information below.

Campground Policy

Our desire is that you will have a satisfying stay in exchange for the price you pay to be here.  Please read the guidelines below to ensure that Sand Creek Campground is the perfect place for you!

We are a family-oriented campground. The main principle to keep in mind is courtesy to others: everyone is entitled to a quiet, unmolested stay at Sand Creek Campground.

  • No public drunkenness and absolutely no narcotics or marijuana use on the property

  • No loud music at any time

  • No picking firewood from the forest

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